Have you ever done a beautiful manicure job, only to realize a few days later that it starts peeling by the cuticle area and side walls? Have you ever wondered why this is happening and what could be a solution to this problem? While there could be lots of reasons to that – we  gathered 4 mail possible scenarios  and here they are:
  1. Nail prep wasn’t done thoroughly, tiny pieces of cuticle, skin or dust are left behind. What to do: Whichever nail prep you choose – dry prep, using softeners, e-file – make sure it does the job and nothing is left behind, always read instructions on how-to use. We highly recommend dry nail prep using Nail Patrol stainless still pusher with cuticle prep tabs or our trial kit with Plastic pusher with prep tabs.
  2. The nail plate wasn’t wiped thoroughly with the acetone or appropriate solution before the application on gel or acrylic. What to do: Always use lint-free wipes and wrap it up around your thumb nail to get very deep underneath of cleaned up cuticles. If you feel like you can’t get there – use a clean gel brush, dip in acetone and wipe by the cuticles and sidewalls.
  3. The base coat was applied too close too cuticles and flooded them, thus causing all next coatings follow the flooded area which definitely gonna cause premature lifting. What to do: Leave about 1mm by the cuticles and sidewalls when applying base coat, make sure you coating is very thin. If manufacturer’s instructions suggest thicker coating, and the product is too runny  – paint 1-2 nails at a time and then cure.
  4. Even if none of the coatings got into the cuticles, but clear top coat could get in them, and since it’s clear – you might miss some spots where it touched the skin and wasn’t wiped before curing. What to do: Always apply top coat very thin, try to use the corner of the brush to get closer to the cuticles, use the brush sideways. Always check all 5 nails before sending them into the lamp to cure, to make sure but the time you painted last fingernail – the first one didn’t get flooded, and if it was – wipe the access with a clean up brush.