Different nail techs specialize in different nail services – we have so far natural nail techs, gel nail specialists, acrylic specialists, and some techs do all of the services. One basic service that we all perform is natural nail prep before the product application, and there is a constant dilemma about cutting the cuticles or not.  Some nail techs believe that cutting cuticles makes polish stay longer or for aesthetic purposes, but what if caring for them in a right way will eliminate the need to cut?

American Academy of Dermatology advises against cutting the cuticles, as it’s considered to be a living tissue and its main purpose is to protect nails and surrounding skin from infection. Many nail techs will argue here as they believe they can cut cuticles neatly without possibility of bleeding, but there is always a possibility to get minor cuts without seeing blood, which also opens an opportunity of infection.  Once a nail tech is done with the service and let the client go – the skin around the nails is exposed for an infection to get in even if manicure tools were sterilized.

In many states cutting cuticles is considered illegal, so make sure you check your state requirements in order to avoid trouble.  Educate your clients on care for their cuticles, as it’s a team work – do not cut their cuticles, instead – gently push them back, lift them up, and buff the pterygium under the cuticles and side grooves.

We highly recommend Nail Patrol Pro Tools for a dry manicure technique, as they are easy to use, safe for nail tech and a client, and very cost effective.

Slanted wooden sticks work great for lifting even hardest stuck on cuticles, and cuticle prep tabs do the best job in cleaning out all the impurities for a better product adhesion. Pushing and cleaning the cuticles with Nail Patrol prep tabs helps to groom them and grow slower. After 2-3 manicures using Nail Patrol technique you and your client will notice the difference and you’ll never have the urge to cut them again.

Remember, dry manicure is the key to a long wear manicure, and not cutting the cuticles, but caring for them and educating your client will build a long a trustworthy relationship.