Nail Patrol Pro Tools have 2 cuticle pushers: Plastic and Stainless Steel. What’s the difference and which one to choose?

First, they both were custom made to team up with our Cuticle Prep Tabs. The main difference is that stainless steel pusher has only 1 rounded side to place the sticker tab on, and plastic pusher has 2 rounded sides in case you want to work with both 180 and 240 grit cuticle tabs at the same time. This method works if you need and deep and thorough nail plate clean up, or if you have a complicated case.

Stainless steel pusher has a flat side as well as rounded one that cleans out cuticles great in pedicures, when water and softener is used, or the waterless softener only (like CND Cuticle Away). Plastic pusher is only used to work with cuticle prep tabs in the dry manicure technique, which also can be used in dry pedicures in case you performing a GEL pedicure.

Stainless Steel pusher is great for multi-use, manicures or pedicures, wet or dry. It is sold separately from cuticle prep tabs, as it is a great tool on its own also.

Plastic pusher is great for a very deep clean up, for dry manicures and dry pedicures only, and only works with cuticle prep tabs, and that is why it is only sold as a kit with 10 tabs of 180 grit and 10 tabs of 240 grit, this is the great way for beginners to try out Nail Patrol Dry Manicure Technique and refill the Prep Tabs as you go, once you master this – you can move on to a stainless steel pusher.