Choosing The Right Abrasiveness
Ever wondered why there are so many pumice, foot files, sandy stick-ons, e-file caps for softening the hard stubborn calluses and never knew which one to pick for your client?
Let us break down some facts for you:
1. Pumice tabs, pads, stones – disposable – come mostly in medium or coarse grit.
2. Foot files with sandy non-removable stickers – one time use in salon or re-use at home – porous, non-desinfectable.
3. Metal foot files – come in different abrasiveness and are desinfectable.
4. Metal or plastic foot files with stick-on sandy files – handles are desinfectable – sandy stick-on files are disposable.
5. “cheese graters” or blade files – those are illegal to use in most states. Check with your state board for rules and regulations.

To make sure you are using the right tools at you salon/spa – whichever tools you decide to go with: disposable or desinfectable, just keep your client’s safety a priority.
Nail Patrol Store has disposable pumice tabs for sale that come in a pack of 40 for $9 or in a disposable machine-packed 5-pc pedicure kit for $75 per 200kits carton box.