Orangewood Nail Sticks AKA Orange Wood Sticks (100)


Orangewood Sticks AKA Orange Wooden Sticks (pack of 100) – Multi-use orange wooden sticks are great for manicure and pedicure practice.

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Orangewood Nail Sticks AKA Orange Wood Sticks (100)

Double-sided, slanted, and pointy wood sticks which makes it easier to push and lift even the hardest stuck on cuticles, clean under nails, perform nail art, place gemstones. Also, wood sticks could be used for any craft projects, skincare, waxing, cleaning other creative tasks.

Orange wooden sticks are NOT to be sanitized or disinfected. These sticks are for one client, single use. Dispose after single use on your client or after any project.

487 in stock

Additional information

Weight 0.175 lbs

100 Sticks

Product Details


1.Mini” Disposable Wooden Sticks

2. 100 Orange Wooden Sticks Per Package

3. Double-Sided, slanted and pointy.

4. Product size:  0.12″ x 4.5″


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