Cuticle Prep Tabs Level 240 Grit in White


Disposable Prep Tabs 240 grit (fine) – Suitable for dry manicures and dry/wet pedicures. Must be used with our stainless steel pusher or plastic pusher. This product also is available manufactured with a more coarse 180 grit in the color blue.

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Cuticle Prep Tabs Level 240 Grit in White

  • Disposable prep tabs are suitable to use with plastic pusher or stainless steel pusher by Nail Patrol Pro Tools.
  • 240 grit abrasiveness is for professional use and at home use.
  • For best performance and superior results – watch Nail Patrol tutorials.

Directions: Peel off the sticker, place on any side of the plastic pusher or on the rounded side of stainless steel pusher and gently buff impurities off the nail bed, finish with the 180/240 nail buffer.

418 in stock

Additional information

Weight 0.00625 lbs

50 Pieces

Product Details


1. Cuticle Prep Tabs

2. 50 Tabs Per Package

3. Level 240 Grit Finishing

4. Self Adhesive Easy Stick On


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