5-Piece Pedicure Kits (200)


Disposable 5-piece Pedicure Kit

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5-Piece Pedicure Kits (200)

This disposable and hygienic pedicure kit is for professional single use only. We highly recommend opening it up in front of your clients, to assure them it has never been used before.

4 in stock

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200 Kits

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1. 200 Disposable Pedicure Kits Per Package

2. INCLUDED: Pair of Blue Toe Separators

3. INCLUDED: Medium Course Pumice Pad

4. INCLUDED: Slanted/Pointy Wooden Stick

5. INCLUDED: Double-Sided 180/240 Grit Nail Buffer

6. INCLUDED: Double-Sided 180/240 Grit Zebra Nail File


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