Year of 2020 and the global pandemic changed a lot of things all over the world and in the beauty industry as well. We taking all possible precautions not to spread the dangerous virus, and one of the up-coming issues for nail techs is the decision to make is to disinfect the tools or switch to disposables?

The decision you have to make will depend on your salon business model, the budget, the type of clientele you have, etc. Let’s take a look at all options depending on the situation.

Nail Salon Vs   freelancer nail tech. Nail supplies is a part of an overhead costs for nail salons, and in order to save money – most salons would choose the tools they can clean and disinfect in between the clients and replace them as they wear out or stop performing well. If you are a solo nail tech, working at home or freelancing for events, different companies – you will choose whatever fits your budget and timing in between the bookings. Keep in mind – disposable supplies will be a little more cost effective if bought in single kits or mixed and matched, while desinfectable nail files and foot files can save you money, but take your time to clean and dry.

         Mobile nail tech Vs Salon nail tech.  Mobile nail technician is his/her own boss and has to decide on his/her own supplies, compare to working at the salon or spa, where most of the supplies is provided for him/her. If you are a travelling nail tech and have a huge demand on mobile services – plan as if you will be on the road all day and won’t have time or conditions to be able to clean and disinfect, your choice is disposable supplies. Working at the salon – you will have to abide the company rules and follow their protocols on supplies.

         Asian ‘in and out spa’s Vs High-End Spas.  Overhead costs of high-end spas are significantly  higher than at the Asian spas, but also their clients expect a different level of treatment.  Most of their guests will pay attention to the high standards and hygienic procedures, so the management normally would make sure the nail technician opens up a brand new disposable file and buffer in front of them as they are soaking their feet in the bowl. Asian spas are focusing on collecting as many payments as possible by providing fast in-and-out service, which is very affordable, so they would try to save as much as they can on overhead costs. Cleaning and disinfecting tools – would be their choice.

This is all general information about salons and spas, but keep in mind that every salon or individual nail tech chooses whatever fits his/hers needs and budget. During pandemic there is a high demand for disposable manicure and pedicure kits, as well as single product wrapped up individually.

Nail Patrol came up with individually packed 5pc pedicure kits and 3pc manicure kits to make a nail tech’s life easier, as you don’t have to mix and match tools, all your favorite grits are in one place.