Nail Patrol Dry Manicure tools;  The best disposable tools for the best results.

* 3-pc manicure kit
* Stainless steel pusher
* Cuticle prep tabs
* Nail dust brush

How to use:
1. Wipe the nail plate and skin around with acetone to make sure the dry surface and skin. This step is very important even if there is no product on the nails, as manicure needs to be performed dry.
2. File the desired shape of nail with 180/240 nail file.
3. Gently push cuticles back with slanted side of a wooden stick, make sure it’s all up.
4. Take a stainless steel pusher and prep Tabs, peel of the 180 or 240 grit tab and stick it on the rounded side of the pusher.
5. Gently buff pterygium off the nail plate: go up and down, side to side by the cuticles, then al the way down by the side grooves. Brush the dust off with the nail brush as you go, to ensure everything is neatly clean.
6. Use the 180/240 buffer to remove the shine and impurities off the nail plate, going only from up to down. Do not over buff.
7. Take the mail file again, and smooth out the dry and flaky skin around the sidewalls, moving from top to bottom. If needed – smooth it out with the buffer.
8. Dust off with the brush, wipe with acetone and lint-free wipe, or the cleanser of your choice and you are ready to apply any coating.