Cutting toe-nails is significantly different from cutting fingernails, as cutting then wrong might cause the side edges of the nail plate grow into the skin and therefore cause uncomfortable pain and inflammation. The best way to avoid it – is to cut toe nails straight across, and slightly file the corners.

Never cut toe nails too short, as it might create uncomfortable feeling. Don’t leave nails too long, as they might start breaking causing more problems, or change growing direction to the side when constantly left too long.

Do not cut off the side edges of the nails, instead let feet soak for 5-10 min, and then using a wooden stick – carefully clean out the dirt and skin underneath to relieve the pressure, slightly file if needed.

Once in awhile you’ll see toe nails with a very long nail bed that grows beyond the toes. If the nail plate doesn’t curl into the sidewalls, but grows very flat – you might cut and file those nails in a rounded or oval shape, as cutting them square and leaving the corners out might cause discomfort wearing shoes, playing sports, etc.. If client has long nail beds, but side edges curl into the sidewall skin – cut in the sqouval shape – leave the side edges square, and cut the length as short as possible, this way the edge will be oval, and sidewall still parallel, make sure you clean out underneath of the sidewalls.