As a nail tech you might be doing a great job at the cleanest manicure, polish to perfection, sculpting gorgeous extensions and drawing an amazing nail art, but 3-5 days later cuticles don’t look as good and manicure doesn’t look as fresh. How to give your client a look and feel of a fresh manicure even after a few days? Answer is simple – educate them on a cuticle care at home.

There are few things you should educate your client on:

  1. Push back your cuticles gently after shower.
  2. Massage cuticle oil or balm into nails and surrounding skin daily.
  3. Try to avoid metal pushers, use wooden sticks or your own nails to push cuticles back.
  4. You can use cuticle scrubs to exfoliate dead skin away.
  5. Avoid nipping or biting cuticles off, this might create micro-cuts and cause infections.
  6. Re-book your next manicure as you leave to stay on top of the routine.

Educate clients on the right cuticle care, but don’t forget to care for their cuticles during their manicures!