As a nail professional, licensed, skillful – you are an authority in a nail industry for your client. She has been coming to you for years, or maybe just a few times, she loves your work, she asks an advice for shape, color or maybe some trendy art, because she trusts you. And what happened when she asks you a question that you have no answer for? How many times you’ve been asked about acrylic damage, white spots, yellow stains and other nail related issues? How confident are you in your knowledge?

I’ve been in a nail industry for almost 10 years and have been asked many questions, and given answers just because a fellow nail tech told me, or the teacher at nail school, or some things I learnt from clients. I’ve been so embarrassed to find out that some of those answers were not true and did not even make sense. I’ve learnt my mistakes and want to spread a word about always updating your nail knowledge as our industry is constantly changing.

It’s always best to seen the information from the trusted big names, scientists like Doug Schoon, nail brands that been in the industry for decades, and always double check the information. As a professional in your industry – you are expected to know basic answers, but sometimes even saying “I don’t know, but I’ll definitely do my research and get back to you on this” will be more appreciated, then throwing a quick “oh, it’s just a dehydration, let’s oil it up”. The wrong information is being spread quickly, and it’s very hard to get something out of a client’s head, once it’s in there.

I’ll be sharing more information about the white spots, nail damage, abusing e-file, old school manicure, different nail conditions and other interesting things in the next few articles, but don’t just take my word for it, do your own research, and try to put things together so it all makes sense.