There are so many cuticle oils on the market, but how to choose the right one?
Here are few things you need to know about oils before purchasing one:

• Cuticle oils are not really making nails stronger, but by providing extra moisture – they make nails more flexible and less prone to breakage..
• Cuticle oils contain Vitamin E and essential oils, as well as other moisturizing agents. The more ingredients in the products doesn’t always mean a better quality or faster absorption.
• Thinner oils absorb faster than thicker oils/balms.
• Cuticle oils also come with different types of applicators – brushes or droppers, some come in a form of pen.

Cuticle oils are sold by many major nail brands and are available in all shapes and sizes, but we suggest you always read the ingredient list and reviews on the product. CND Solar cuticle oil by @cndworld with special secret formula that been developed over 30 years ago – is Nail Patrol choice.
Happy nail shopping!